Elisa Live CCTV

Although I have an existing CCTV  system, I found the need to buy another two CCTV cameras.

I researched what was available and decided to buy WiFi connected cameras capable of transmitting HD resolution and recording.

At the time of purchase, I paid £29.99 each for the white model, which come with 30 days free upgraded features.

To continue with the upgraded features after the initial 30 days – costs £6.99 per camera for 1 or more (I opted to continue the upgraded features for only one camera) with an offer of 90 days for the price of 30.

A mobile App is available for download for iPhone, Windows and Android mobile phones and tablets.  You can also login through your internet browser to view your camera(s).

For the price (normally £99.99) of the camera and the upgraded service, I find this to be an excellent buy.

Brian Collins