Random Thoughts – Smart Home – TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Based on the reaction from visitors, my favourite use for the TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug so far is to ask it to put the kettle on.

Of course you need to make sure the kettle has water in it and the switch on the kettle is in the on position.

Love it 🙂

Brian Collins

Leaked News – Random Thoughts

Leaked news is always leaked for a reason.

Usually these reasons are self-serving and invariably either incomplete or just plain wrong.

There is something to be said for forcing a reaction, but really can you trust it, mostly this news is released by one organisation and cannot be independently checked.

Brian Collins

Fake News – Random Thoughts

Fake News, despite all the fuss, is not a recent phenomenon.

In my day, it was more commonly known as propaganda.

For as long as I can remember, reporting of fake or false news has been popular, including gain for political reasons, to make money or sway popular opinion.

Many years ago, I was taught in school to question everything and not believe anything without a balanced view (a number of sources).

Do your research on the subjects that matter to you.

Brian Collins

Cyber Security – Random Thoughts

Once again, the country has been attacked by cyber criminals.

This type of attack is known as ransom-ware, which encrypts the files on your device and charges a ransom to obtain a key to unlock the files.

Do you need to pay?

No, if your files are not particularly important to you (documents, apps, photos, etc.), you can in most cases re-install your system software to the state it was initially supplied to you.

If this is not viable and you have backups of your files, then you need to identify your last ransom-ware free set and do a full restore of all files and programs (possibly after reformatting your system).

Once you have your data back again, be sure to get all the latest updates for your system software and install a good anti-virus software.

I personally use McAfee, for all my devices but have also used Norton in the past.

Brian Collins

Brexit – Random Thoughts – Opinions

During a recent Presidential campaign, France expressed the opinion that Britain was making a mistake by leaving.

My understanding is that the remaining EU members discuss this within the EU parliament and form a united opinion.

Either you are part of the process or you aren’t.

Brian Collins.

Fast & Furious Franchise – Random Thoughts

Now we are on the release of Fast & Furious 8, I find myself thinking that I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Although the basic theme of the movies are more or less the same (fast cars & stunts), I find with each one that there is something new.

Long may they continue.

Brian Collins